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For sale: 2018 Red Bull Honda WSBK CBR1000RR SP2! (SOLD)

This is your chance to own a World Championship Superbike!

Have you ever dared to dream what it would be like to own a genuine world championship superbike? Wake up because now is your chance! Ten Kate Racing is selling their 2018 WSBK material, which means that you could be the very next person to ride one of these rockets! 

Besides the truly amazing looks of this RedBull Honda World Superbike, there are many other reasons why you should want to own one of them. Take - for example - the 'one of a kind' Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, which is specially made to fit the TKR / Cosworth tuned CBR1000RR SP2 engine. Or the specially designed TKR / Suter swingarm attached to the carbon / aluminium braced chassis.

But that's only the beginning! 

This pure racing bike is equipped with Marchesini wheels to get you rolling and WSBK spec Nissin brake calipers in combination with 7 mm thick Yutaka brake discs to get you to stop again. To make sure the bike handles perfect, Ohlins WSBK spec suspension has been installed on the front and on the rear. Add the Bonamici Racing subframe and triple clamps, the Motocarbons carbon fiber fairings, the Raceseats WSBK seatfoam, the quick-release steel brake lines, the Febur WSBK spec cooling system and the huge amount of other very high end racing parts and you know this bike literally breaths racing! 

The bike gets sold the way it was raced in the 2018 WSBK season, including the Magneti Marelli electronics. A certificate of authenticy will be signed by by TKR for the full package and spare parts sold by TKR. 

The bike can be adapted to every customers wish, with different options.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true? 
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Price: SOLD

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Technische eigenschappen

  • Building Package: 2018 TKR RedBull Honda CBR1000RR SP2
  • Engine: TKR / Cosworth
  • Exhaust: Akrapovic WSBK spec
  • Cooling: Febur WSBK spec
  • Electronic system: Magneti Marelli (dongle included)
  • Wheels: Marchesini
  • Suspension Front: Ohlins WSBK spec
  • Suspension Rear: Ohlins WSBK spec
  • Chain & Sprockets: Regina chain with Sunstar sprockets
  • Brake Disc's: Yutaka discs with Nissin WSBK spec calipers
  • Price: SOLD
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