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Piston kits or closed cartridge


Steeringdampers and brackets


Wilbers or Ohlins TTX36 rearshock

Motorcycle race suspension

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Motorcycle suspension comes with many options. We focus on sports line and racing line, but we also offer street line suspension. Suspension is, together with the tires, the key to a great road to tire contact. Good suspension settings are very important to improve the feeling with te road. You, as rider need to have a great feeling with the road and you need to be able to trust your bike. Suspension plays a very big role in trusting your bike on the road.

Cyriel  Suspension engineer Cyriel Egberts Vree; “Its a real challenge to try and find the perfect bike set-up as the feeling from a rider on street and on track is the very base of rider joy and safety. For me its is a passion and also a very challenging job to try and achieve this. Its about finding the balance between input from rider and on the other side the experience and results from data-logging and dyno-testing. Requirements for road riders are totally different to the requirements of a professional racer in competition, and its nice to be able to make both customers satisfied and fast!”


Do you want me to adjust, modify or improve your suspension?

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Suspension maintainance by our engineers.

As official dealer and service centre of Ohlins, Wilbers and K-tech suspension our suspension workshop is equipped with all needed special tooling to prepare these suspension components. TKRP employs a specialised suspension technician that works on testing and adjusting the right suspension setting. TKRP suspension components are therefore always dynotested after preparation and only when all components perform between certain pre-set limits they will be released for usage. Do you want us to optimize your suspension? Don`t hesitate to contact us!

When do I need suspension service?

As suspension is the main key to feel comfortable on a bike and enjoy a safe ride, TKRP recommends their customers to service their suspension after every season or after a crash. We use fixed prices for fork and shock service. After the service your fork or shock is dynotest to check the damping curve and ensure you will be ready for another save and fast outing!

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Check out our Suspension

Different kinds of suspension

Street line, motorcycle suspension

TKRP is well known for their knowledge and experience to prepare racing suspension, but we also have a wide and multi brand program range to modify suspension components on street bikes. Even when suspension components on street bikes now a days are from a very high level, different rider assuage and weights request specific suspension settings.

Sports line, motorcycle suspension

Track day riders usually need to adjust their suspension to adopt their street bike for track use. The sportsline program range offers the perfect solution where most of the time standard suspension components are modified to upgrade for trackday use. Of course settings for damping, spring/preload and ride heights are taken from the racing line suspension components. Knowledge and experience from world level competition racing becomes available for track days users for a very attractive price. It allows you to challenge even faster laptimes!

Racing line, motorcycle suspension

Top-end Ohlins suspension components like the Ten Kate Racing team uses in World Supersport and World Superbike series are available for our competition teams racing in the national and international series. Replacement (close)cartridges or complete Ohlins R&T or FGR frontforks in combination with the latest release of full competition shocks are prepared with the TKRP settings.
A suspension set is always delivered including the base set-up sheet. This gives another important advantage of the TKRP suspension that is supported by an extensive after sales service. Upon delivery of the material, the new owner receives a through guidance on the maintenance and ‘measuring' of the bike. The latter profits from the same techniques as used in the world championships where data collected on track is put into datasheets for further analysis. In case of a specific question regarding the set up or performance of the machine, they can quickly compare the customer's datasheet to the extensive database of gathered information and give thorough advice about the machine's correct settings)